On the 2nd of August it is Holling C. Holling’s birthday. Holling C. Holling is best known for writing and illustrating the following books:

To celebrate Holling C. Holling’s birthday, consider reading one or more of the above books and doing a unit study.

Beautiful Feet Books provides an in depth hands-on course utilizing four of the Holling C. Holling classics. This award-winning study is designed to cover geography, but also includes some history and science as well. Three main geographic regions of the U.S are covered in this course as well as an introduction to world geography in the book, Seabird. For more resources which can be used for a Holling C. Holling unit study, see the resources below.



Learn about Tide Pools and Hermit Crabs

Learn to Draw a Hermit Crab


Paddle to the Sea

Learn about the Great Lakes

Watch the Paddle to the Sea Movie



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